The reduced playfield, shorter legs and well- balanced dimensions make this game a perfect choice even for the three years old children. Magic air hockey is designed in a colorful and children-friendly way and attracts the attention of the youngest players.

Technical specification:

COMESTERO RM5 or NRI electronic coin acceptor – polycarbonate perforated playfield – LED lightning  system in the playfield – LED lighting system in the legs – digital score display – polycarbonate barrier in the middle of playfield – 260 W air pump – 230v/50Hz power supply – power consumption: 60 W (demo mode) or 130 W (game mode)

Accessories included: 4 mallets, 6 pucks, 100 tokens (if programmed for tokens)

Warranty: 12 months for enterprises, 24 months for consumers

Dimensions: * 5ft: 1630 mm x 1070 mm, weight: 136 kg