MARCO® INDUSTRIES EUROPE heeft volgende euromunt wisselaars in zijn gamma.

Deze EUROMUNT WISSELAARS kunnen ingesteld worden naar believen van de klant. Alle inlichtingen worden bekomen bij de aanschaf van deze toestellen.

EasyPRo base

The most imitated change machine of the range has been entirely renovated and is now even more secure and reliable,
thanks to the connection of installed peripherals via ccTalk. The 32-bit CPU provides functions normally present only on
change machines of higher range and price, such as importing/exporting configuration parameters, exporting accounting data
and the useful function of machine cloning. The reinforced closing mechanisms make Easy PRO one of the most
secure change machines on the market with respect to attempts of tampering and fraud. Easy PRO fits perfectly into all environments:
shopping centres, gyms, airports, service stations, arcades, offices, bars and internet cafés.
Connection of peripherals via ccTalk.
Distribution of coins or tokens.
Bonus function for tokens.
Coins/tokens dispensed automatically or manually.
New 32-bit CPU with SD-card.
Exporting of accounting data and importing of configuration parameters via SD-card.
Machine cloning function.
LCD graphic display.
Special cover for the dispenser’s extension: prevents coins from falling out in the event that the machine is tipped over.
Wide range of installation options: wall mounted (with the Easy UP kit); countertop; wall mounted, by means of 3 anchoring bolts
to be inserted at the back of the device; free standing on special base (optional).
Holes in the cabinet for fastening the unit to other machines or to external structures such as columns or pillars.
Internal on/off controls to prevent tampering.
Pivoting door to facilitate dispenser-loading and cash box removal operations.