How can you miss this? A trifecta of candy… or gumballs… or stickers… or capsules… up to 12 different products!

Why buy this dispenser?

Like all the towers, Tri Towers are ideal for high volume areas. In the Towers department no set-up offers as much versatility, allowing you to dispense from between 3 – 12 different products. This vending machine’s design takes little space in relation to its versatility but promises to not go unnoticed

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Chrome plated lid and Beaver chute door
  • Clutch handle (slip clutch) on NG mechanism
  • Coin decal (USA/Canadian/Euro currency)
  • Conversion with permanent die cast wheel and choice of interchangeable disks for capsule, rocket, gum or adjustable
  • Flat key top lock
  • Front panel cash door tubular lock
  • Includes the patented modular base (MB).
  • Interior product display clips
  • Mechanism jamming latch, an exclusive feature which completely eliminates the danger of injury of hands being trapped in the chute
  • New Generation Coin Mechanism, the most reliable and durable on the market
  • Offers up to 12 different product selections
  • Powder coated top ring, hopper, base, chute frame, and corner posts
  • Separate cash boxes for each section
  • Sleek design taking up only 3 sq. ft. of floor space
  • Sliding front and rear panel for faster product change
  • Slug diverter on mechanism

For all dispensing info see Northern Beaver series