Kids don’t just want gumball machines anymore. Bring on variety! The Northern Beaver delivers vending machine versatility with its high capacity design and ability to dispense items up to three inches. Beautiful!

Why buy this dispenser?

Any business opportunity that promises reasonable investment cost with low maintenance and flexibility sounds like a good one

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Chrome plated Beaver chute door
  • Chrome plated lid
  • Coin decal for housing (USA/Canadian/Euro currency)
  • Conversion with permanent die cast wheel and choice of interchangeable disks for small capsule, medium capsule, medium gum, or large gum
  • Flat key top lock
  • Front panel cash door tubular lock
  • Interior product display clips
  • Mechanism jamming latch, an exclusive feature which completely eliminates the danger of injury from hands being trapped in the chute
  • Powder coated top ring, hopper, base, chute frame, and corner posts
  • Separate cash box
  • Shatter resistant clear display panels
  • Sliding front and rear panel for faster product change
  • Slug diverter on mechanism
  • World Renowned New Generation 1 Coin Mechanism that has ability to measure both thickness and diameter of coins, with clutch handl

    Dispensing Info

    Small Capsule Conversion

    (Formerly: Rocket Capsule Conversion)
    To dispense capsules: 1.1” – 1.3” diameter
    28mm – 33mm diameter
    Medium Capsule Conversion
    (Formerly: Capsule Conversion)
    To dispense capsules: 1.75” – 2.125” diameter
    44mm – 53mm diameter
    Large Capsule Conversion
    (Formerly: 3” Capsule Conversion)
    To dispense capsules: 3” diameter
    76mm diameter
    Medium Gum Conversion
    (Formerly: Gum Conversion)
    To dispense: 7/8” – 1” diameter
    22mm – 25mm diameter
    1600 – 850 count
    Large Gum Conversion
    (Formerly: Rocket Gum Conversion)
    To dispense: 1” – 1 3/8” diameter
    22mm – 36mm diameter
    800 – 475 count (NOT 850)
    Use these conversions when more than one piece is dispensed and you want to control the portion size for products such as: nuts, confections, Chiclets, and animal feed.
    Medium Adjustable Conversion
    (Formerly: Deep Adjustable Conversion)
    To dispense standard amounts of bulk products
    Portions can be easily adjusted
    Available with soft or hard springs
    Large Adjustable Conversion
    (Formerly: High Capacity Adjustable Conversion)
    To dispense large amounts of bulk products
    Portions can be easily adjusted
    Available with soft or hard springs