100 % Waterproof
Designed especially for children not being high enough to use a standard size airhockey.
Thanks to cutting edge techology it may be used outdoors all year round.
Even if the appliance will not be used outdoor still it has an unquetionable advantage- this machine cannot be harmed by any drink spilled over it.
Kids attracted design and audio effects make waterproof magic a must-play game.
Technical details:
electronic coin acceptor COMESTERO RM5 or NRI
polycarbonate perforated playfield
polycarbonate top frame around the playfield with lighting system
polycarbonate barrier on both sides and in the middle of a playfield
system of lighting LED in playfield
system of lighting LED in legs
digital score display for each player
air pump 260 W
power supply 230v/50Hz
power consumption 60 W (demo mode), 390 W (game mode)
accessories included: 4 mallets, 6 pucks, 100 tokens (if programmed for tokens)
warranty: 12 months for enterprises, 24 months for consumers
* 5ft: 1630 mm x 1070 mm, package size: 1700 mm x 1150 mm x 460 mm, eeight: 141 kg