Kicker Multiplayer

Is a popular amusement machine all over the world. This device is a machine that measures strength and power of the kick in the ball. Machine is dedicate for 1-4 players at the same time. Kicker is very easy to use for players and operators. Plus it is failure-free!


– 100 % water resistant – made of european components only – powder painted (weather resistant) – innovative electronics – programmable electronic coin acceptor – available in a few language versions – total failure-free – machine configuration system (setting record, setting the strength level percentage, credits counting, electronic counter) – independent operating mechanical and electronic sensors – full guarantee and post guarantee service.

European CE certificate.

Technical parameters

– dimensions: width 135cm, depth 80cm, height 175cm, weight: 125 kg.

– maximum power consumption: 150 W (game mode), minimum: 30 W (standby mode);

– power supply: 220-240 V; thanks to built-in switching power supply unexpected drop or increase in voltage will not damage the device and not interfere in its operation.