If you’re like us – and we think you are – you can never have too many options. Beaver Machine’s Double Decker Towers doesn’t make you choose…

Why buy this dispenser?

Perfect for high-volume areas, the Double Decker Tower is a versatile and noticeable vending machine set-up. Able to dispense two different products from the same machine, you can link the set up in whatever way best suits your space

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Ability to attach multiple units and sizes to create the desired shape and size to suit your location
  • Chrome plated lid and Beaver chute door
  • Clutch handle (slip clutch) on NG mechanism
  • Coin decal for housing (USA/Canadian/Euro currency)
  • Conversion with permanent die cast wheel and choice of interchangeable disks for small capsule, medium capsule, medium gum, or large gum
  • Flat key top lock
  • Front panel cash door tubular lock
  • Interior product display clips
  • Includes the patented modular base (MB)
  • Mechanism jamming latch, an exclusive feature which completely eliminates the danger of injury of hands being trapped in the chute
  • Offers 2 different product selections per tower
  • Powder coated top ring, hopper, base, chute frame, and corner posts
  • Sleek design taking up only 1 sq. ft. of floor space
  • Sliding front and rear panel for faster product change
  • Slug diverter on mechanism
  • World Renowned New Generation 1 Coin Mechanism that has ability to measure both thickness and diameter of coins

For dispensing info see Northern Beaver machine.