Boxer Surprise is an amusement machine guarantees great fun young people and adults. This machine measures the force of impact Punching and then shows the result of measurement points. When a player hit a certain number of points (333, 444, 555, 777, 888, 999), wins a prize. When a player gets 333, 444 or 555 points, he wins a small prize, while the result in the amount of 777, 888 or 999 points is associated with prize receipt of greater value.
Thanks to the wide diversity of thresholds, Boxer Surprise is dedicated to all those who reach the punchball. What is speciall in this Boxer machine? Not only possibility to win a prize!


Safety, unbreakable glass – 100% waterproof! – built-in LEDs of the highest quality – a geared motor operating boxing bulb instead of an ordinary magnet, which provides a punchball – dropping each time – use solutions to help prevent undesirable to leave the punchball – impressive lighting board – attractive design – additional security electronics and power supply against moisture – built-in bonus – when a player beats the record receives a loan surprise – total reliability – a high degree of profitability – machine usually earns four times more than regular boxer – full guarantee and post guarantee service.

European CE certificate.

Technical parameters

– dimensions: width 70cm, depth 120cm, height 230cm, weight: 165 kg.

– maximum power consumption: 90 W (game mode), minimum: 30 W (standby mode);

– power supply: 220-240 V; thanks to built-in switching power supply unexpected drop or increase in voltage will not damage the device and not interfere in its operation.