Marco Industries Europe (MIE) was founded in 2005. We ‘ve grown to be one of the most important wholesalers in Europe for what bulk vending machines and related products is concerned. Related products: toys in caps, gum, candy, stickers, tattoo’s and many others.

Marco Industries Europe (MIE) sells these products instead of renting them. Bying the products offers a lot of advantages. Not only do you decide what to do with your machine, you also have the profits completely to yourself. Experience teaches us that the investment is payed back relatively quick.

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We provide products of extremely high quality, which fullfill the European standards. We offer 1 year guarantee and we support you with a profound technical service.


Our vision: Our innovative marketing convinces our customers of the advantages in buying the machines instead of renting them.


Our mission: We want your business to have a place where children can play while parents can eat or shop in a relaxed way. We take child-friendliness very serious.

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